Getting results for clients is the best part of my job! For MBA applicants that means making the business school application process a successful one as well as an enjoyable one. For career-focused clients often that means helping them identify a role that will truly make them happy and enabling them to land it. You can find reviews of my work on Google and Yelp.

Career Transition Leah helped me transition from an expat position in Asia to an exciting tech role in the heart of Silicon Valley. Despite this nontraditional path, Leah was able to provide excellent coaching and guidance throughout the entire process. This ranged from resume review to job application strategy to tactically choosing and negotiating which offer to accept (she helped receive multiple offers!).

Leah’s core strength lies in her ability to quickly read and assess an individual’s strength’s and then coach them on how to portray them in a compelling yet way. Leah took the time to get to know me as a person and I could tell that she was genuinely invested in the outcome of my job hunt.
– Steve, (from Google)

MBA Applicant I had a great time working together with Leah to polish my MBA application materials. She’s a clear thinker and an inspiring person. Before I found her, I also contacted several Chinese consultants, who always under-look my potential and talk in a very unprofessional way ( i guess it’s some of other consultants’ strategy to make you feel disappointed and even be happy when you are ended up in a bad program).

Leah is extremely helpful and very good at what she’s doing. I just finished my round 1 application and am still awaiting interview notice, I will update my comments when I’m enrolled.

For those Chinese applicants who are currently seeking help from a native speaker who can both polish your language and connect the dots of your granular past experience. Leah is definitely the BEST choice!!
– Jessica, (from Yelp)

Career Coaching Leah has been wonderfully helpful. I am a University of Michigan student starting at Oracle soon as a business development consultant. I saw her information and comments on a forum where I reached out to her. She has been very precise, logical, and has compelling reasons why she says what she says. I think it was by far one of the best mentoring sessions I have had for MBA consulting service among many others I tried. A passionate individual that gives you info that’s best for you and cares very deeply about her clients goals and ambitions. Highly recommended! Thank you Leah! :)
– Muhammad, (from Google)

MBA Applicant Leah’s advice, guidance and sheer hard work throughout my application process were absolutely critical to the final outcome. My GMAT score of 680 was definitely a weak point but she helped me enhance the rest of my profile to combat that weakness. I have a somewhat non-traditional background – I’m a British female and started my career in the investment management industry before leaving to focus on my own tech start-up. Leah was awesome at helping me turn my past into a truly compelling story and articulate my future ambitions.

Would I recommend Leah? Oh yes, without a doubt. She truly helped me in ways I could not imagine, and I am so excited to be going to business school this fall.

I approached fxMBAConsulting for help at the point where I was still deciding which schools to choose. My first meeting with Leah was a 90 minute Skype call where we went through every single part of my application in detail – especially my background and my goals – which she then used to recommend schools and suggest suitable content for each essay. She also advised me on my GMAT strategy and encouraged me to retake the exam to give my applications one final boost.

When I had chosen the schools to which I was applying (Columbia, Harvard, Berkeley, Duke, Stern and Kellogg), I began writing the essays, all the while using Leah as a sounding board for ideas and structures. She was immensely helpful at guiding me through each essay, helping me choose topics that reflected what the ad com would like to see while also staying true to my personality. Leah helped me overcome a few cultural barriers that enabled me to shine throughout my essays.

Once all of my applications had been submitted, it was time for decisions to come through! After receiving three interview invitations (from Duke, Kellogg and Stern), I visited NYC prior to my Stern interview and Leah and I had a face-to-face mock interview preparation session whereby she suggested various strategies to enable me to showcase myself in the best light possible. Furthermore, having received a rejection from CBS – which was an application which I sought the least help from Leah – she conducted a highly detailed ‘ding analysis’ which highlighted the areas in which I could have articulated my story better.

Ultimately, I received an offer from Duke and am currently on the waitlist at Kellogg and Stern. Leah worked with me on waitlist management and I recently visited all three schools. After spending time at Duke’s admitted students weekend I realised that Duke is absolutely the best fit for me and I accepted the offer. I am so excited!
– Shakira, (from Yelp)

MBA Applicant Are you seeking top-notch help in your MBA journey? Search no more and write Leah a letter right now. I meant it – ask her for free initial consultation first and come back to finish this review. With that quality of service she will be fully booked earlier than you can imagine.

Okay, while you wait – hear my story.

First of all – DON’T trust any reviews and check by yourself all your options before making such an important decision. After I had finished free consultation with Leah, I had a lot of valuable feedback on my stories and application. If you already checked other consultants, you know that most of them use free consultation to promote themselves and leave you without any considerable value. Others only cheer you up and are too soft to give you unpleasant, but honest feedback (believe me – you must hear a harsh truth). Leah is not like them. She showed real shortcomings of my strategy and was straight-forward, honest and thorough, so I could improve my application right after our call. Such commitment persuaded me to work with Leah for a paid service. After all, I was fully satisfied with our work and can advise Leah to anyone seeking such help.
Finally, price was not deciding factor for me personally, but it does not hurt to use service that is reasonably priced without quality sacrifice.

Leah, thank you, it was my pleasure to work with you.
– Vyacheslav, (from Google)

Career Storytelling & Transition Leah has been extremely helpful in shaping my career story. You can count on her – she puts more than 100%. In my case, she went beyond committed schedule and contract to help out. She patiently heard my stories and provided candid feedbacks without worrying too much about $/hour.
If you have an advanced degree, looking for a transition from one industry/function to another, and think that you need an MBA – I strongly advise you to reach out to her before you go berserk w/ your preparation. She is kind to offer an hour of free consulting service.
In my experience with Leah, I felt that I was talking to a friend!
– Ranjan, (from Google)

MBA Applicant I had called about ten consultants before I made my decision to apply the MBA programs. Leah is the most honest and helpful one because she not only told me my strengths but also told me my weakness. Then I decided to work with Leah.

Leah helped me dig deeply into my experience and came up with fantastic stories. She also responded emails quickly which is important to me.

Most importantly, the mock interviews are really helpful. Before my MBA application, I have no interview experience at all and have no idea about what will be asked during the interview. After the mock interview, I build a basic sense of how MBA interview works and prepared myself for all the related questions and topics.

I will definitely recommend Leah to my friends if any of them would like to apply a MBA program.
– Yulong, (from Google)

MBA Applicant Simply put, the admissions process is not fun. It requires endless hours, stressful decisions, and seems to go on for ages. All this on top of working a full time job, which by the way, your boss is most likely aware of the fact that you’re trying to leave in order to get your MBA.

Leah somehow made the entire process bearable, even at times fun. I never had to wait more than a day to get her on the phone, she never once cut me off even if I got off topic, she took the time to really get to know me and then helped me craft my story. I went into the process thinking I knew what I was doing but it helps so much to have someone on the other end, listening every step of the way, and helping you uncover things about yourself you never knew or would have overlooked.

I don’t yet know the final outcome of round 1 but I can tell you I got an interview invite to HBS with a below average GMAT and that is thanks to Leah. Every other admin consultant I spoke with told me my GMAT was too low and I should retake it. Leah was the only one that had the patience to understand my story before coming to a conclusion.

So yes, I highly recommend Leah! What are you waiting for?!
– Ralph, (from Yelp)

Career Goal Setting  Leah Derus is one of the best Career Counselors I have worked with. She took the time to fully understand what my short term and long term goals are and how I could get there given the current state of union. It is interesting how she can re-imagine your story for you and give a totally new dimension to it just by presenting the right facts. Her ability to review resumes became very obvious within few minutes of our call.

I would definitely recommend Leah to anyone who is looking for a management career counseling !
– Shiva, (from Google)

MBA Applicant Leah is incredible and I do not think I could have got through any of my schools without her support! To set context, I am an Indian male with extensive management consulting experience in US with a Top 3 firm. However I had a very low GMAT score compared to Indian standards which in spite of my background could likely prove to be a major impediment.

Leah was instrumental in not only craft my essays at my dream schools but also provide me sound advice across my entire application package. Her creativity is unmatched which is exemplified with the stupendous work she did on my Chicago Booth Essays. Leah’s work ethic and willingness to spend as much as time it takes to get the right answer is incredible
I finally had multiple offers from top schools (Kellogg, LBS, Booth) while I was waitlisted at HBS

Without a shadow of doubt, I will highly recommend working with Leah – I am certain you will be to get admitted to your dream school with her support :) I am so excited to be attending Kellogg this Fall!
– Harsh, (from Yelp)

MBA Applicant 首先,Leah的英文书写能力很强,这个可能是大家最关心的一点。她改出的essay有点散文的意思,改完后的文章读起来很飘逸,很适合工科背景、语文不好的同学,比如我。

其次,Leah毕业于MIT Sloan,对于MBA的申请有着专业的认识,不像很多essay撰写机构,写作的人并没有读过MBA,而读过MBA的人只是动动嘴提提建议。而且据我观察,所有的文书都是她自己亲自动手完成,不存在你的文书可能是一个刚刚大学毕业连MBA是什么都不知道的毕业生写的(为什么我这么说,因为每次讨论她对她改后的文章都很了解,而且风格都严格统一)。


再次,Leah的work ethic和dedication很好,绝对不会像某些中介机构,希望赶紧帮你写完然后催你付费,我经常跟Leah约在她那边晚上9点钟或者早上8点钟打电话,她从来没有任何意见。




– Zijing, (from Yelp)

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