MBA or EMBA Essay or Statement of Purpose Writing


While a resume is an overview of your professional achievements a compelling essay brings depth to what you’ve achieved, how you think and who you are. While you’re probably good at whipping up reports, memos and even dissertations you might not be as comfortable working with the personal essay format. Essay outlining and editing is the often the most difficult and tedious task in the MBA application process. My job is to ensure the essays you do submit are standouts. I personally brainstorm, write and revise your essay.

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Deliverable: An essay or statement of purpose that is engaging, compelling and genuine.

Process: You’ll email me your current resume, program info and essay draft/outline (if available) → 1.25-hour Brainstorming Phone Call  → You’ll receive the first Essay Draft → Feedback → Subsequent Edits

We begin with a 1.25 hour call. I’ll give you deeper insight into why the admissions committee is asking a particular essay question and what they’re looking for from candidates. Next we’ll brainstorm different stories that might work, before settling on one with good potential.

I look for material that allows us to create an engaging essay that rounds out your overall profile. For example, if your resume clearly portrays you as highly quantitative, I’ll steer you towards an essay that allows us to highlight complementary qualities (qualitative achievements, inter-personal skills, leadership moments etc.).

After our call I’ll send you a first draft of your essay. Beyond the first draft, the process involves a back and forth exchange of essay drafts and phone calls until we reach a final draft we’re both satisfied with.

Turnaround Time: Each service contains several deliverables. The turnaround time for any one deliverable (like new edits to a document based on client feedback) is a maximum of two business days (see the FAQs for more information). Total turnaround time is a function of a) the client’s availability to schedule calls and b) the amount of time the client requires to provide feedback on drafts. A typical timeline follows.

  • Day 1: You’ll email me your essay draft or outline (if available).
  • Day 3: Essay Brainstorming Call.
  • Day 5: I’ll send you a first draft of your essay.
  • Days 6-7: You’ll spend some time reviewing the essay – possibly sharing it with a few contacts. Please use the track change functionality in Word to insert comments, feedback and changes into the document.
  • Day 8: Once you send me your feedback, I’ll either schedule a call within a day or two or I’ll send you an updated essay based on the feedback you sent.
  • Day 9+: Additional rounds of review and editing as necessary.

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