MBA Recommendation Questions and Forms

Click here to jump to a large collection of MBA and Part-time MBA recommendations. Each article contains up-to-date recommendation questions and a PDF download of the online form your recommenders will have access to.

Derrick Boloton, Stanford’s longtime Dean of Admissions (2001-16), was once quoted as saying that he could evaluate MBA applications without essays, but not without recommendations. Applicants tend to focus a lot of their time and energy on their essays while leaving recommendations as an afterthought. In my experience, that’s a strategic mistake. I like to use the analogy of an elite runner who wins the NYC Marathon by a 1/10th of a second not by ten minutes. If you’d like a place in a top MBA program, you need to compete at an elite level. A good vs’ a great recommendation might seem like a small detail. Yet there’s often very little that separates an admit from a ding. Saavy applicants put every chance in their corner.

The themes and stories in your recommendations need to a) compliment the big-picture story you’re putting forward to the admissions committee and b) broaden their understanding of who you are. I use a multi-step process with my clients and their recommenders to generate talking points for recommenders, provide them with feedback and edit their recommendations. If you think that your recommenders could use support or if you’ve been asked to write your own recommendation, feel free to reach out for a Free Consultation


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