MBA Essay Analysis, Examples & Writing Tips

Below you’ll find MBA Essay Analysis articles that will help you frame essay prompts and structure your responses. I’ve included examples of essays I’ve worked on with past clients. The essay writing process can be a daunting one. I If you’d like a hand brainstorming a unique Stanford Essay A, writing a polished Why MBA/Career Goals essay or if you would like to speak about another essay, feel free to reach out for a Free Consultation

Business school’s use the personal essay to gain insight into what you’ve accomplished but also (and more importantly) to understand who you are as a person and what makes you tick. One essay question may give the admissions committee insight into how you think, interact with others and handle adversity. Another essay may focus on your career goals and serve to persuade the admissions committee that your plans a) make sense and b) can be furthered by the school’s career development office. No matter the topic, your essays should¬†be concise but inviting, bold but modest, confident but not arrogant. They have to be clever and original and yes, they have to be authentic.

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