Meet Leah Derus

Leah Derus

MIT Sloan MBA 2010

Good writing needs to be concise but inviting, bold but modest, confident but not arrogant … clever, original and most importantly, authentic.

Good stories, are memorable and persuasive. As someone who majored in psychology, I’m fascinated by a story’s ability to influence human decision making. After completing my MBA at MIT Sloan in 2010, I found my niche helping MBA applicants and professionals to transform their goals into reality. More specifically, I help people identify and develop stories from their lives, professional experience and knowledge and then leverage these stories within their MBA applications, job hunts, resumes and interviews.

I’ve worked in recruiting, in management consulting and in online marketing for start-ups in the online beauty and ed-tech spaces. My background in psychology, marketing and consulting help me approach each person with the ear of a psychologist, the analytical skills of a consultant and the creativity of a marketer.

In 2009 I began helping MBA applicants craft their personal and professional stories for top business schools. That first year, every single one of my clients made it into a top program. When those clients phoned with the news, I felt great about our work together. ‘Hey!’, I thought to myself, ‘I must be pretty good at this…’

As time went on, sometimes, after talking with someone I’d tell them that I didn’t think they really needed an MBA. Since I couldn’t help that person apply to business school, I figured I couldn’t help that person at all. Later on I realized that my thought process didn’t make any sense because getting into business school is no different from breathing new life into a career or taking it in an altogether new direction: all three require the person to present well on paper and in person.

 StrategyPresenting well on paperPresenting well in person
MBA/EMBA CandidatesMBA/EMBA Program Selection GuidanceApplication (Essays, Resume, Recommendations) WritingMock Interviews
Career CandidatesJob Search GuidanceResume & Cover Letter WritingMock Interviews

I’ve since expanded my practice to people who needed help packaging their story to land a job or a promotion. Whether you’re looking to get into business school or fast-track your career, I’d love to chat with you about what’s been on your mind. Feel free to reach out for a Free Consultation.

MIT SLOAN Cambridge, MA | MBA 2010 (GMAT 720)
MIT $100K Business Plan Competition – Runner Up
LA SCUOLA SUPERIORE SANT’ANNA Pisa, Italy | Master in Innovation Management 2006
Fulbright Scholarship 2005
LA SORBONNE Paris, France | BS in Psychology 2005
Languages English (mother tongue), French, Italian, Spanish


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  • Phone: +1 646-334-6986
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