Is an EMBA or Part-time MBA worth it?

Overview.Career advancement is a sales job.Due diligence & planning.Step 1. Define your short-term goal & pinpoint your next role.Step 2. Verify that you need an MBA to secure your next role.Step 3. Leverage your EMBA or Part-time MBA.Step 4. Target EMBA programs. Overview. Is an  Read more

The Story-based Resume. What is it?

Story-based resumes give my clients an edge in securing admission to top business schools and landing offers at sought-after employers. How? By giving the resume reader insight into how my client thinks, problem solves, persuades, prioritizes, innovates, communicates and most importantly how  Read more

Am I too old for a full-time MBA?

Hi there! I'm glad you're here. I assume that you've been think about your career lately - maybe you're wondering where it's headed. An MBA might seem like a good next step - and it could very well be! Since you likely got here by googling something like 'Am I too old for an MBA?', I take  Read more

A/B Testing. Fake Resume, Real Results.

Overview.Step 1. Define your A/B test.Step 2. Rewrite your resume.Step 3. Create resume variations.Step 4. Interview & mine HR for info.Step 5. Analyze your results.Step 6. Make a move. Overview. Resume A/B Testing involves sending out a fake version of your resume to get answers to your  Read more