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My Career Clients require the same storytelling and personal branding that my MBA Applicant Clients use to walk through the doors of Harvard Business School or Wharton.

Who works with fxMBAConsulting? Typically my clients are in their late 20’s to early 40’s and looking to move their career to the next level. Oftentimes they feel stuck or under-appreciated in their current role, but aren’t sure how to get out from underneath the situation.

Why fxMBAConsulting? There are a lot of what I call ‘assembly line’ career coaches and resume writers on the internet. But stellar resumes aren’t born out of a one hour conversation – and that’s mostly what you’ll find on offer, because mostly, what’s on offer is geared towards people whose careers will forever be stuck in neutral at the base of the pyramid. My clients come to me for a bespoke coaching experience, irreproachable resumes and cover letters that result in interviews and job offers.

My Dad always told me that a job worth doing is worth doing well. Excelling in any endeavor involves progressing from the base of the pyramid to it’s apex, but, by definition, only a minority of people can occupy the apex at any one time. You need to understand your options, develop a strategy and then put the time and effort into whatever you set your mind to.

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Services Outline

+ Story-based Resume

Seeing is believing. Please take a moment to view some before & after resumes from past clients.

Process: We’ll spend 3 hours on the phone going over your career, education, community involvement and personal interests. Usually the 3 hours is spread over two calls (1.5/hrs each). After the second call, you’ll receive a first draft of your new resume. The first draft will feature a new design, layout (if applicable) and new copy. You’ll review the first draft and make any comments or changes using the track change functionality in Word. Depending on your feedback I’ll either respond with additional edits to your resume or set up a phone call to discuss questions and concerns. The process continues until you and I are both satisfied with the resume.

Deliverable: Story-based resumes are between 1 and 1.5 pages long. At the end of our work together you’ll receive a PDF version of your resume as well as a modular Word document which you can build on in the future.

Why a story-based resume? A story-based resume uses specific stories and achievements to demonstrate how you’ve added value to organizations in the past. Most resumes don’t do a great job of helping professionals stand out from the pack because they focus on describing the candidates job rather than telling stories.

  • Job Description bullet point: Successfully consulted with hospital administrators and clinicians and develop strategic plans to optimize asset utilization and allocation
  • Story-based bullet point: Clinical staff reported oncology treatment site was at capacity; Hospital administration believed new $10M facility was necessary; Found underutilized assets at root cause of issue: developed plan to improve utilization exam rooms 75→85% and infusion chairs 60→90%; Counseled administration that a lack of visibility into patient visit life cycle was driving misconception around capacity

The purpose of a resume is to secure you an interview. The purpose of an interview is for recruiters, line managers and executives to gain insight into a) your interpersonal skills, b) your ability to lead/persuade others, c) how you think and tackle issues (your cognitive abilities) and d) your capacity to think laterally/creatively and add value in situations where a ‘value add’. The great thing about a story-based resume is that, even before you set foot in the interview, the resume has already given the reader insight into points 1-4. It makes them more likely to want to interview you in the first place because they already have a sense of what they’ll be getting.

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+ Story-based Resume Update

Resume updates are best suited to clients who have a great resume and would like to update it with their most recent work experience. If you would like to update all aspects of your resume (from your college years to present) it’s likely that you would be best served with a full Story-based Resume rewrite rather than an update. If, on the other hand, your resume has great content but just looks dated or not very ‘pretty’ then have a look at the Fresh Resume Layout Service.

Process: We’ll set up an initial content call to discuss the work experience you’d like to add to your resume. You’ll then receive a first draft of your resume with story-based bullet points. You’ll review the first draft and make any comments or changes using the track change functionality in Word. Depending on your feedback I’ll either respond with additional edits to your resume or set up a phone call to discuss questions and concerns. The process continues until you and I are both satisfied with the resume.

Deliverable: A resume update adds story-based content to your current resume. This service does not include any changes to the format or layout of your resume. If you’re concerned about the way your resume looks then you might be interested in the Fresh Resume Layout Service.

Cost: Resume update pricing is based on how much time we need to discuss the content you’d like added to your resume. For example, if we spend 45 minutes on the phone during our initial content call, the service will cost $175.

Here is the time/price point breakdown: 45 minute content call > $175; 1.5 hour content call = $350; 2.25 hour content call = $525 If you have any questions reach out to

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+ Fresh Resume Layout



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+ Cover Letter

Summary: We’ll begin with a 30 minute call to discuss the job description and company you’re applying to. We’ll also talk about the tone of the cover letter and what should be highlighted.  I’ll then ask you to come up with a rough draft and send it to me. I use the rough draft as a supporting document. I’ll then write a first draft of the cover letter and send it to you. This is an iterative process that culminates in a polished and professional resume that impresses recruiters.

Deliverable: An impressive cover letter. View Before & After Cover Letter Examples from clients I’ve worked with in the past.

Why: Your resume captures a recruiters attention, but it’s your cover that solidifies it. Cover letters are an opportunity to storytell about yourself rather than regurgitate bullet points already visible in your resume. A well-written and well-thought-out cover letter signals to others that you’re a smart, well-spoken person.

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+ Mock Interview

Summary: Mock interviews last 1.5 hours and are tailored to the company and position you’ve been invited to interview for. We’ll cover typical interview questions and also delve into more role-specific questions. Prior to our call I will read your resume and cover letter and research the role you’re interviewing for.

Most people feel they’ve found their bearings after completing two mock interviews although just one mock interview can be perfectly adequate. A lot of times during their first mock interview clients need help working out how to answer questions. I’ll ask a question, let the client answer and then provide immediate feedback on how to improve. During the second mock, clients have had time to practice their answers and so the focus is on perfecting their responses and looking for ways to improve body language, eye contact and voice cadence. When we’re done you’ll will walk into your interview with the confidence, poise and humility necessary to secure the job offer.

Deliverable: Mock Interview that lasts 1.5 hours

Why: When you get to the interview phase, the HR person or Hiring Manager interviewing you is not as focused as you might imagine on determining whether or not you are qualified. Clearly you are reasonably qualified, or you wouldn’t have been offered an interview in the first place. Interviews are much more about making a good impression – and that’s an art, not a science. In a good interview you’ll provide logical and well-thought-out answers to the practical and behavioral questions put to you. In a great interview you’ll also manage to:

  • Control insecurities
  • Radiate a positive attitude and polish
  • Show yourself to be a person of conviction
  • Demonstrate that you will bring value to the team and the company as a whole
  • Crush any negative judgments or pre-conceived ideas the interviewer may have about you

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+ Coaching


Hourly Rate Editing: If you need a piece of written work edited you can opt for the hourly rate. I’m happy to provide an estimate of how long an edit will take upfront. Hourly editing is billed in 15-minute increments.

Hourly Rate Discussion: The hourly discussion rate works well when you need coaching or want to discuss something or receive verbal feedback on a written piece of work. There is absolutely no written follow-up or editing involved in this service – it’s simply us talking on the phone.

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+ College Graduate Gift Package


+ Career Coaching
+ Story-based Resume
+ Cover Letter
+ Mock Interview

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Who will I work with?

Client work is never outsourced to junior editors or other consultants. fxMBAConsulting is a boutique operation and all services are personally delivered by Leah Derus. Clients have full access to me at every step of the process, for any reason (via phone or email). Urgent calls can usually be scheduled the same day but are guaranteed to be scheduled within 24 hours of the client’s request.

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Turnaround Time?

There is a two-day turnaround time. Please reference the table below for days and times.

Here are two examples:

  • A written draft is submitted at 16:00 EST on Monday, the submission day is Monday and the edited document will be returned to the client by Wednesday at midnight EST.
  • A written draft is submitted at 22:00 EST on Monday, the submission day is Tuesday and the edited document will be returned to the client by Thursday at midnight EST.

Although work received on the weekend must be returned by 21:00 Wednesday, this is the maximum delay, but certainly not a minimum. I always strive to schedule a call, return a draft, etc. as soon as possible.

Document submitted by 18:00 EST on: Feedback returned by midnight EST on:
Monday Wednesday
Tuesday Thursday
Wednesday Friday
Thursday Saturday
Friday Tuesday
Saturday Wednesday
Sunday Wednesday

American Holiday Closures: Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day; Thanksgiving; Christmas; New Years December 31 and January 1

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Are discounts available?

Because I prefer to offer the same straightforward rates to everyone, I don’t negotiate rates.

There is no other resume or career service firm in the market that offers the level of quality work you’ll find here. For example: To write a story-based resume, I spend three hours on the phone with clients developing material – that’s highly unusual in an industry where the majority of resume writers spend an hour or less with clients. I have very high standards for what constitutes a well-written resume, cover letter or what a productive mock interview should result in. Every client is different. Some clients need a little more time or help than others to arrive at the same outcome. That’s ok. The job is done when you and I are both satisfied with the final outcome.

I started fxMBAConsulting because I was turned off by the high prices and low quality of work I experienced working as a contractor (briefly!) at two other firms. Why was that so? Large firms pay their contractors 20-50% of the cost of services. That means that when a client pays the firm $100 their consultant is only earning $20-50 before taxes. The client gets a final product worth $20-50 even though they’ve paid for a final product worth $100. At fxMBAConsulting, when you spend $100, you receive $100 worth of services.

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Payment Terms

Payment A La Carte Services: You will receive an invoice shortly after we begin working on the service you have chosen. Payment is due within 48 hours.

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Payment Methods

Payment Methods (Clients in the United States): If you are located in the United States clients can pay via check, Venmo or Direct Bank Transfer.

Payment Methods (Clients outside the United States): If you are located outside the United States you can pay via PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer. Clients are responsible for making payments in US dollars, not in their local currency. Clients are responsible for currency exchange rate fees. Preferred payment Method: Direct Bank Transfer. If your total invoice is $500 or more, I will reimburse the transfer fee ($40). If you choose to use PayPal, you will be responsible for the 2.9% fee will be added to your final balance to cover the transaction cost.

Note on PayPal for Intentional Clients only: If you choose to pay with PayPal there is a 2.9% fee that you need to add to your invoice. If your invoice is for $4000 and you want to use PayPal then ($4000*1.029=$4116). You would need to send $4116, not $4000.

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