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Final Draft – Wharton Essay 1

Here’s an example of a typical Why MBA? Why School X? essay. Wharton asks candidates to discuss how they’ll benefit from two years at Wharton. Don’t forget to include how you’ll benefit the Wharton community in turn. This former client has consented to the publication of his/her MBA application material.

Wharton MBA Essay 1:

What do you hope to gain both personally and professionally from the Wharton MBA?

Through exposure to my father’s former business of bringing PRODUCT to the UK market, I have gained insight into distribution inefficiencies in the PRODUCT industry. Control is almost entirely in the hands of distributors, whilst industry professionals have limited access to consumers, and consumers lack information to make balanced decisions. Although I have had some success in guiding consumers’ purchase decisions through  COMPANY,  my  long-term  goal  is  to  bridge  the  gap  between  industry professionals  and consumers by building a global educational platform that leverages e-commerce and collaborative consumption technologies.

Upon completing my MBA, I intend to pursue a marketing role at a leading corporation in the PRODUCT industry. Experience  in an organisation  such as X or Y will enable me to gain a deeper insight into the PRODUCT industry and understand what drives consumers to buy premium products.

The gateway a Wharton MBA provides to market-leading  firms, via its strong alumni network and on- campus recruiting, make it the crucial next step in my career path. I am excited by the academic rigor of the  program,  which  enables  specialization  yet  maintains  a  well-rounded  management  education. While  my  entrepreneurial  endeavors  have  been  self-funded  to  date,  a  better  grasp  of  managerial economics would help me understand pricing structures and make budgetary decisions with confidence. I would leverage the opportunities offered by Wharton Entrepreneurship by selecting electives such as Innovation, Change and Entrepreneurship, equipping myself with an insight into the profitable commercialization of new technologies. I would further tailor the program to my goals by enrolling in courses  offered  by  the  acclaimed  Wharton  Marketing  Department,   in  particular  benefiting  from Professor David Bell’s expertise in Internet start-ups and consumer behavior. By analyzing successful and failed innovation strategies through case studies, I hope to equip myself with the tools to tackle an industry where the direct-to-consumer market is still nascent.

At a personal level, the MBA experience at Wharton would help me refine my leadership skills. Seeing decision-making through the lens of inspiring leaders – such as Coca-Cola’s Tom Boyle who delivered a keynote speech at the Wharton Marketing Conference in 2013 – would equip me with tools to become a better leader. I would pursue a committee position at the Wharton INDUSTRY Club, organizing visits and talks from industry thought leaders for my peers. This would enable me to give back to the Wharton community, forge a strong network within the industry. Additionally, as a marathon runner and triathlete-in-training,  I’d join the Roadrunners & Triathletes Club to train with like-minded individuals and run the scenic Philadelphia Marathon alongside my peers.

Having evaluated my current strengths against the skill-set required to achieve my short and long-term goals, I believe an MBA is not only vital at this important stage in my career, but also an opportunity to grow personally and become part of an ambitious and collaborative community for life. I believe that my unique passions, goals and experiences position me to impact – and learn from – my peers at Wharton. I thank you for your time in reviewing my candidacy.

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