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I Engineer resume discussion

Client B came to me for a professionally written resume with six years of post-graduate work experience in the mineral processing industry. While there, he’d proven himself capable of successfully taking on difficult turnaround projects at a number of his company’s worldwide locations. Unfortunately his resume just didn’t do justice to the depth and breadth of his technical knowledge, project management and managerial/people skills. Given his background in Physics and Engineering at university, on paper Client B looked like a stereotypical, linear engineer and not like someone who would eventually ascend to a more strategic, C-suite role (which was what Client B aspired to in the long-term).

Issue 1) Resume bullet points that overemphasized the final accomplishment, with no emphasis on the process itself or soft skills employed

The original resume was very technical with matter of fact bullet points focused on the nuts and bolts of Client B’s various assignments. It’s ok to have some bullet points like that, but the goal of a professionally written resume was to make Client B look more well-rounded to recruiters by highlighting his soft skills (leading others, cooperating, soliciting others help/opinions, negotiating).

The professional resume addressed this by including contextual details in the bullet points which lent color to what Client B had done and how his work fit into the company’s overarching goals and bottom line. Rather than bullet points focused solely on what he did (reduced capital expenditures) the professionally written resume contains bullet points that demonstrated the process behind the accomplishment (from soliciting others opinions to creating a new manpower allocation schedule which resulted in improved capital expenditures).

  • Old bullet: Led maintenance CapEx and process improvement CapEx
  • New bullet: Solicited opinions from staff & management plant-wide to create a work order database, a new manpower allocation schedule and generate $1M in free cash flow by reducing spare part inventory

Issue 2) Resume needed to be divided up in a logical way to incorporate both career progression and geographical location

Client B had worked on location in a number of international locations throughout his career on a variety of projects that ranged from three months to over a year in duration. Over time he had also progressed in terms of responsibility; receiving several promotions along the way. The professionally written resume was structured in order to highlight career progression while simultaneously creating a resume that made sense to the reader.

  • Original resume: Lumps promotions together into one entry and doesn’t differentiate one on location assignment from another. In the original resume, Client B’s two most recent promotions are lumped into the first entry. Instead of making new entries based on promotions (to highlight career progression) the original resume groups experiences by geographic location with separate entries for Pakistan, India and the US.
  • Professionally written resume: Uses promotions to divide up the resume and creates project-based subsections to highlight long-term assignments. For example, Client B’s work in Pakistan became a subsection of his role as a Process Engineering Manager in India (where he was primarily stationed).
    • Pakistan: Stationed on-site for one year, led preliminary study, process design and commissioning for $6M plant which produces 45% of the Calcium Carbonate used in baby diapers sold in Asia
      • As the only foreigner, successfully mediated contentious issues that arose within cross-functional team of 42 Pakistani project managers, accountants, engineers, and operational staff
      • Shaved 3 months off plant’s analysis, design and construction by leveraging input from plant’s staff to identify pitfalls – won critical market share before patent expired increasing plant revenue by 30%

Other Issues

  • The original resume doesn’t show initiative. Most of the bullet points start with ‘implemented’ or ‘conducted’ but think about it, when a candidate uses the term ‘implemented’ he’s implying that the task was assigned to him and he simply followed through on what you were told to do. It’s passive. Client B had spearheaded a number of initiatives and the professionally written resume leverages bullet points that show Client B coming up with his own ideas and acting on them: Based on COMPANY’s 5-year Global Industrial plan, developed implementation strategy for 6 continuous improvement projects at Oregon plant and oversaw team of 5 managers to carry out plans
  • The original resume has multiple entries for the same employer, COMPANY – MINERAL INDUSTRY. There should only be one start and end date for that employer because Client B wasn’t hired and fired by COMPANY – MINERAL INDUSTRY multiple times – he’s been working for them all along. If you’ve had multiple roles or worked in multiple locations for the same employer, make every role or location a sub-section of the primary entry.
  • The original resume gave too much air time to internships. An internship deserves at most one bullet point (unless you’re still in college) and you need to be judicious about which internships are actually worth listing on your resume and which ones are just cluttering it up.
  • The original resume doesn’t give due credit. It makes no mention of the fact that Client B just received a prestigious place in the company’s continuous improvement team. Unless the recruiter was very familiar with the company then they might view Client B’s most recent promotion as nothing special. I added a special bullet point at the top of the new resume to help Client B shine: Youngest employee asked to join COMPANY’s new Worldwide Continuous Improvement team of 10

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II Professionally written engineer resume

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III Client’s original engineer resume

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