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I Business development resume discussion

Client K was a globetrotting business development professional who’d begun his career with IBM Australia before moving on to a new company and settling in New York. But that was already several years ago and Client K was looking to make a change. Because he had a lot of experience in client management and developing enterprise IT solutions, he hoped to move into an Operational Consultant role in Private Equity. The first time I read through Client K’s original resume, I was struck by the sheer volume of information it contained. Although Client K was in his early 30’s, his resume was nearly two pages long.

Issue 1) No quickly identifiable job history

In Client K’s edited resume I focused on making the resume instantaneously understandable. The original resume was spread over two full pages and it wasn’t easy to form a quick impression (in 5 seconds or less) of where Client K had worked and what roles he’d held at each employer. It needed to be clear that Client K had only worked for two separate employers and that at each, he’d held various roles in a number of locations.

Issue 2) Bullet points serve as job descriptions instead of showcasing achievements

Another major issue I tackled involved getting rid of all the job descriptions that were cluttering up the original resume. Client K had long-winded descriptions of each of his jobs. For example, as Head of Sales Canada – Banking & Capital Markets Americas the entire entry was really just a job description.

Determine and implement strategy to expand Company #2 into banking and capital markets clients and marketplace in Canada to include successfully selling and negotiating complex business relationships with new clients. These engagements will be large, complex and highly competitive sales situations that are often global in scope and engagement negotiations are conducted at the highest levels. Responsible for all new sales for Canada as a country and people reporting across, finance , HR , Legal , telesales , partners.

  • Recommendations of appropriate staffing levels;
  • Strategic use of staff of staff for generic calling, Quantum Growth initiatives, special campaigns;
  • Effectively managing budgets associated with staff
  • Monitoring staff performance, conducting biannual reviews and determinations regarding hiring and terminations.

Generally speaking, recruiters should be able to form a basic idea of what someone in a Head of Sales role does. Descriptions of specific responsibilities are therefore, redundant. Client K needed to use his resume to highlight specific achievements. Here are the bullet points that figured in the edited resume for the same Head of Sales Canada – Banking & Capital Markets Americas entry:

  • Opened up the Canadian market for first time in company history, successfully capturing 20% of the financial services market share in first 7 months
  • Accepted challenge to establish Company #2 office in a new market: Canada
    • Set up all departments and identified service providers for HR, Legal, Contracts & Pricing­
    • Managed team of 20 reports across departments in start-up environment

Issue 3) No air time given to outstanding achievement outside of work

Client K had been a pro tennis player while in high school and college and was still involved in the sport outside of work. In his original resume there was no mention made of tennis, which was a shame because employers often like to hire people who have the tenacity to excel in sports and other extra-curricular activities. I added a sub-section in the rewritten resume dedicated exclusively to Client K’s achievements on the tennis circuit.

  • TENNIS ACADEMY Professional Tennis Player, Manager & Junior Coach
    • Age 13: #1 player in home state of Y; Age 14: #4 in all of Pakistan; Ages 14-18: competed on international circuit (ranked #397 worldwide) and led the Y State team at Pakistan’s national games

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II Professionally written business development resume

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III Client’s original business development resume

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