MIT Sloan MBA Essay | Mission Statement

Final Draft – MIT Sloan Optional Essay

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MIT Sloan MBA Short Essay:

The mission of the MIT Sloan School of Management is to develop principled, innovative leaders who improve the world and to generate ideas that advance management practice. Please share with us something about your past that aligns with this mission. (250 words or fewer)

An excerpt from Sloan’s website reads: ‘in education as in business, leadership belongs to those who reject the comfort of the status quo. We see innovation as an attitude — not an appetite for novelty, but a passionate thirst to find a better way‘. I share in this vision and believe that I have applied these same principles, both practically and philosophically, in my own life. My decision, at the age of eighteen, to undertake my studies in the United States, under less than ideal circumstances, was neither convenient nor conventional but has proved to be far more interesting and rewarding, both on an intellectual and human level, then any alternative I can imagine.

If leadership is not the sole monopoly of those who lead others but also a virtue of those who first lead themselves, then I believe that I possess the potential to fulfill one of my long-term ambitions; namely to either run my own business or play a pivotal role in the running of a business or corporation.

Two things I truly enjoy doing are, having a hand in creating initiatives, making ideas come to life and analyzing situations, finding underlying and elusive driving forces within. One reason I have chosen to apply to Sloan is because of the program’s emphasis on striking a similar balance between theory and real world application. During graduate school I learned that innovation is not easily taught in and of itself, rather, innovation seems to stem from an ability to improvise new solutions in the midst of well worn situations.

My life experiences, and in particular, my time abroad has taught me that original ways of thinking, more often than not, grow from one’s environment and circumstance. In applying for a place in Sloan’s Class of YEAR – I am really asking you to allow me to participate in a learning experience and community that is undoubtedly greater than the sum of its parts. I believe that Sloan will help me to build the character, technical skills and relationships necessary to both the accomplishment of my goals and the furthering of Sloan’s legacy as a center of innovation and management education.

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