MIT Sloan Fellows Program Overview

 CostClass Size (Degree)Work Experience Average (Range) [Minimum]GMAT Average (Middle 80% Range)GMAT Waiver?Age Average (Range)% Women
(% Internationals)
Round 1 DeadlineRound 2 DeadlineRound 3 Deadline
MIT Sloan Fellows$132k110
(MBA or MS)
14 years
[10 min]
650 minimum;
Waiver available
September 26, 2016November 14, 2016January 31, 2017

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The MIT Sloan Fellows program is a global leadership development program. Sloan’s 12-month, full-time executive MBA program designed to prepare an elite group of global mid-career managers who want to magnify their impact as leaders. Sloan Fellows are generally not career switchers – the program is best suited to people who plan to stay in their company, industry or functional role after leaving MIT. In fact, adcom members emphasize that while a little career pivot (grounded in past experience) is ok, the Sloan Fellows program cannot meet the needs of people looking to make a major change in their career (Example: IT Consultant who wants to work in finance). Sloan Fellows is a family-friendly cohort. 80% of students are married and many have kids. Students (and their families) live on or near campus.


MIT Sloan’s Fellows Program attracts students from Global 500 companies as well as experienced entrepreneurs and professionals from more diverse industries. While the average age is 38 years old, students range in age from 31-52. Applicants need a minimum of 10 years of work experience to apply to Sloan Fellows. Around 45% of students have corporate sponsorship and return to their employers after graduating. The student body is 80% international and represents 35 countries and 36 industries.

The mission of the Sloan Fellows program at MIT should give you an idea of the caliber of students they look for: Sloan prepares outstanding executives with the critical skills to create and lead visionary organizations in the 21st century – yet these students accept that they are still a work in progress (have room for personal and professional growth). When I evaluate a candidate’s profile for the Sloan Fellows program during a free consultation, I look for three things: 1) impact within their organization; 2) leading progressively larger teams/more important deliverables; 3) rapid career progression.

The program delivers an MBA (students can opt for a MS instead if they are willing to submit a graduate thesis). If I had to choose my favorite executive MBA degree, MIT’s Sloan Fellows program would be #1 or #2. The MIT brand name combined with the quality of network you’re able to build over the course of a year trumps any commuter EMBA program around.

The core curriculum is a step beyond what you would find in a typical MBA program, and a bit more advanced than the Stanford MSx curriculum. Although the Sloan Fellows do have typical core courses in Finance and Marketing etc., the academics are geared to push leaders to the next level (not to give them a basic business education). Courses like System Dynamics, Managing Supply Networks, Innovation Driven Advantage and Leadership Seminars are unique to Sloan. To give you a better sense of what I mean, for regular Sloan MBAs these courses are optional, for Sloan Fellows they’re obligatory.

The MIT Sloan Fellows Program is that rare chance in modern life to take a deep breath. To get your bearings and map your future. To build your skills and your global leadership network and define your place in the world. It’s the time and space to craft powerful solutions and investigate the intersecting realms of leadership and innovation. The MIT Sloan Fellows Program is designed to be the most profound—and the most productive—year of your life. Many fellows enter the program because they want access to the best thinkers of our day—in biotech and high tech, in state-of-the-art media and political science, and, of course, in economics and management.
MIT Sloan Adcom

A couple other neat features of the MIT Sloan Fellows program include your personal 360 leadership assessment at the beginning of the program and MIT’s unique Independent Activities Period (IAP) during the entire month of January.

Link: MIT Sloan Fellows Dates

  • The next Sloan Fellows program begins in June 2017 (ends June 2018)
  • Deadlines: R1) September 26, 2016 – Decision Notification January 1, 2017; R2) November 14, 2016 – Decision Notification March 15, 2017; R3) January 31, 2017 – Decision Notification April 7, 2017; International applicants (people who don’t have U.S. citizenship or a Greencard) are encouraged to apply in R1 or R2. Internationals can apply in R3 but a) will need to travel to Cambridge to interview b) may encounter issues getting a student visa in time. The annual application (and new application dates) become available in mid to late July of each year.

Link: MIT Sloan Fellows Application Requirements

  • Online Application
  • Business Resume
  • GMAT or GRE accepted; GMAT or GRE is required. The GMAT/GRE may be waived if you have received a grade of “B” or better in three advanced university-level courses: calculus, statistics, differential equations, accounting, finance or microeconomics (not macroeconomics).
  • If your undergraduate degree wasn’t in English or you are not a native English speaker you need to submit the TOEFL/IELTS unless you attended an English speaking university
  • Essays: 2016-17 application season (no word limit)
    • Statement of Objectives What are your immediate and ultimate professional objectives and, specifically, how will the MIT Sloan Fellows Program help you to achieve them?  What unique contributions will you bring to enrich the experience and diversity of the Sloan Fellows community?
      (500 words or less, limited to one page)
    • Essay 1) Think about an instance when you were on a team which did not work well together.  What challenges did you face and what did you learn from this experience?
      (500 words or less, limited to one page)
    • Essay 2) Please describe a time when you made a significant positive impact to an organization that demonstrates your ability to lead. (500 words or less, limited to one page)
    • Video Essay Please choose one of the questions below, and upload a video (90 second maximum) of you responding to the question.
      • What are you passionate about?
      • Tell us something that we would be surprised to learn about you.
      • What do you like to do for fun?
  • Two Recommendation Letters: ‘Your recommenders should have an in-depth understanding of the MIT Sloan Fellows Program and speak to how the experience will benefit your professional and leadership development.‘ If you are a company-sponsored applicant, a recommendation letter must come from your direct supervisor or superior. You’ll find the Sloan Fellows recommendation questions below.
    • Leadership: Consider how well the applicant demonstrates ethical and innovative leadership. Please describe the applicant’s progression as a leader and provide an example of how the applicant has had an impact on a person, group or organization.
    • Teamwork: We are interested in knowing how well the applicant works collaboratively with others. Please give an example of the applicant’s ability to adapt to diversity and different perspectives, and defend his/her own ideas/position.
    • Personal Development: Consider the applicant’s past and future career trajectory. What areas for development would you recommend the applicant focus on to maximize the benefit of our program and achieve both personal professional success?
  • Interview: (by invitation only)

Download MIT Sloan Fellows Recommendation Questions 2016-17

Link: MIT Sloan Fellows Application Requirements

Link: MIT Sloan Fellows Curriculum

Link: MIT Sloan Fellows Student Profiles

Student Profile: Robert Goldie LinkedIn
Technology Director, Razorfish, New York, NY (BA Hamilton College, Computer Science)
Led teams to design and implement technology platforms and digital strategies for Fortune 500 clients.

Student Profile: Shikha Dubey LinkedIn
Independent Consultant, The Bridge School, San Francisco, CA, (BA UC Berkeley)
Led strategic consulting and technology integration into education; managed international growth; built transformative programs in partnership with corporations, NGOs, and governments.

Student Profile: Sergio Saravia LinkedIn
Finance Director, CFO-Central & South America, Western Union, Argentina, (BA Business, Universidad Nacional de La Plata Argentina)
Led the finance, treasury, and procurement areas in Latin America within the remittance and payments industry; implemented innovative solutions for revenue growth and margin improvements.

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