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MBA Application Additional Information

Here are some examples of how candidates handle the additional information section of an MBA application. Whether you have a low GPA, GMAT or weren’t able to solicit a recommendation from your current supervisor, these examples will give you a sense of how to present the situation to the MBA admissions committee. This former client has consented to the publication of his/her MBA application material.

MBA Additional Information: Low GMAT

The GMAT score I am submitting to you is a ### overall with raw scores of # in the verbal section and # in quantitative one. I wanted to indicate to you that on an earlier GMAT exam I scored a 48 in the quantitative section.

I hope that other elements of my application speak to my quantitative skills and my ability to perform in the core curriculum at MBA PROGRAM – for example, the First Class Honours grade I achieved in an accounting and finance course at UNIVERSITY, the two financial qualifications I acquired (the Investment Management Certificate and the IOC Introduction to Securities and Investment), two years at INVESTMENT BANK in analytics-driven sales and product marketing roles, and my undergraduate dissertation entirely substantiated by a deep statistical study of electoral results.

However, if you deem it beneficial for me to acquire further quantitative skills prior to enrolling in the MBA program, I would absolutely be willing to go above and beyond preliminary MBA courses to demonstrate my commitment and ability.

MBA Additional Information: No recommendation from candidate’s current supervisor

I do not have a current supervisor as I am self-employed. I therefore asked my most recent line manager, RECOMMENDER 1, to submit a letter of recommendation to support my application to MBA PROGRAM. I also requested RECOMMENDER 2, whom I worked for in a previous role at INVESTMENT BANK, to submit my second recommendation. I worked very closely with RECOMMENDER 1 and RECOMMENDER 2 and I firmly believe that both are in a strong position to attest to my professional performance.

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