INSEAD MBA Job Descriptions 1 & 3 | Job & Career Summary

Final Draft – INSEAD Job Descriptions 1 & 3

Here you’ll find a full set of INSEAD MBA essays. Notice how we’ve woven in details from this MBA candidate’s early life, formative experiences, and unconventional work to convey who he is and how he thinks rather than contenting ourselves with an exclusively professionally focused set of stories. Do you feel like you’d like to sit next to this candidate in class? This former client has consented to the publication of his/her MBA application material.

INSEAD MBA Job Description #1:

Briefly summarize your current (or most recent) job, including the nature of work, major responsibilities, and where relevant, employees under your supervision, size of budget, clients/products and results achieved.

After graduating from UNIVERSITY I began working as a manager in a unique cultural and geographic setting: interfacing with industry, the military and the Inuit community in the Arctic. At COMPANY I led large-scale environmental remediation and clean-up activities.

Every year I spent four to six weeks on site, where I worked twelve hours per day, seven days per week. My team’s end results were quantifiable and straight forward: Cleaning up 6k tons of soil polluted with petrol or 300k litres of water tainted with lead for the CLIENT 1, CLIENT 2, Mining Industries and Inuit communities. Yet managing these projects was more art than exact science – I often found myself improvising solutions as challenges arose from the physical environment, local employees and the Inuit community. For example, after some scheduling misunderstandings I ensured that Inuit employees’ cultural traditions were respected, scheduling the projects around important dates such as the Arctic Winter Games.

When at COMPANY headquarters in LOCATION, my focus was on new business generation. Over the course of my tenure I’ve worked alongside COMPANY’s COO and with colleagues on bids valued up to $100 million. Early on I was put in charge of the budgeting section for COMPANY’s largest proposal to date and afterwards I was invited to take a team leadership role on other major bids in excess of $10 million. For smaller contracts, up to $500k, I’ve been the team lead in charge of tendering, scheduling, client relationships, as well as on-site supervision of the work, reporting and budget management. Overall 50% of the bids I’ve worked on have been successful – a track record I’m proud of considering that there are usually 6 or more competing firms.

Were I to remain at COMPANY rather than pursue an MBA, I would continue as a project manager, gradually taking on more leadership opportunities and eventually being promoted to Team Leader. Given my penchant for big picture thinking and global work, my next step would be to get involved in one of COMPANY’s international projects in COUNTRY or COUNTRY.

INSEAD MBA Job Description #3:

Please give a full description of your career since graduating from university. Describe your career path with the rationale behind your choices.

Upon graduating I wanted a position working in the environmental remediation field which would allow me to challenge myself mentally, physically and culturally. The opportunity at COMPANY fit the bill with remediation activities in the Arctic! After all, how many engineers can tell stories of polar bear attacks and hail storms in summer?!

When I began at COMPANY my department was in difficulty. By the end of my first year all but one of my seven team members had left the company. This situation presented me with an opportunity to take on more senior-level responsibilities than someone in my position had in the past. I was able to shine professionally by demonstrating maturity and resilience to my supervisors. After a year, they asked me to oversee a million dollar proposal which I presented to COMPANY’s CEO and CFO. Soon afterwards, that proposal was accepted by the CLIENT. After just twelve months, I received positive feedback and a substantial pay raise in recognition of my increased level of responsibility within the department.

After gaining a solid foundation in headquarters LOCATION and the Arctic for two years, I accepted a position with COMPANY affiliate in COUNTRY.  I wanted exposure to the different working style and technologies prevalent in the COUNTRY. While there, I gained experience in the management of hazardous waste material, notably asbestos. It also allowed me to gain an appreciation of the UK team’s unique risk management approach, which is still being developed in home COUNTRY.

Post-MBA my goal is to impact environmental problems on a large scale. Companies such as COMPANY X and COMPANY Y are at the forefront of the industry in terms of their cutting-edge technology and working methodology. Future industry leaders must be mindful of balancing economic and environmental interests if they are to achieve long-term sustainability. An MBA would mean a broad understanding of business coupled with the solid leadership skills I’ll need as I transition to a role as an Internal Consultant or Senior Project Manager in a global environmental consulting or operational firm.

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