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Final Draft – Duke Fuqua Essay 2

Here you’ll find Duke Fuqua’s Essay 2 from a former client. This client had done her homework and was able to convey clear reasons for why an MBA Fuqua would help her reach her goals while also conveying her passion for the school and the Fuqua communtiy. While this essay is has a formal tone an alternative would be to structure the essay as a dialogue. This former client has consented to the publication of his/her MBA application material.

Duke Fuqua MBA Essay 2:

When asked by your family, friends, and colleagues why you want to go to Duke, what do you tell them? Share the reasons that are most meaningful to you.

I have spoken to my friends with great excitement about how a Fuqua MBA is not only the crucial next step in realizing my short and long-term professional goals, but also a way to be part of a supportive and collaborative community for life. Through numerous conversations with current students, alumni and the admissions team, I believe that Fuqua is an ideal fit for me because of its culture, academic offerings and career opportunities available to students.

My father’s family settled in LOCATION in the 1970s and I spent the first five years of my life living in a joint family community in CITY alongside sixty first and second cousins. In short, I was raised as part of a large yet tight-knit family. That experience has helped shape my personal value system, teaching me to be open-minded and supportive of others and helping me learn the value of working as part of a team towards collective goals. The Principles of Team Fuqua, most notably Collective Diversity and Loyal Community, resonate with me. The actions of an individual really can impact a wider group and I look forward to surrounding myself with peers that hold the same belief in collaboration and mutual respect.

It’s one thing to read about a large, engaged and global alumni network; it is quite another to experience it personally. This December I was invited by ALUMNUS A and ALUMNUS B to a Fuqua alumni event in London. While there I had the opportunity to speak with a number of former Fuqua students, and also hear from Dean Bill Boulding as he spoke passionately about Team Fuqua before chairing an alumni panel on the topic of financing growth in Europe. Hearing former students speak with such earnest and enthusiasm about the culture and community focus made me realize that the Team Fuqua spirit is not something that is just talked about, but something that is truly alive in current students, faculty and alumni alike. Every person I met had a story to tell about how Fuqua had influenced the person they are today. Later that evening, I met friends for dinner couldn’t stop talking about the insight I had into life at (and after) Fuqua.

I see the MBA program at Duke as the crucial next step in my career path. I would leverage the on-campus recruitment opportunities at Fuqua to secure a post-MBA role at a leading firm in the X industry in the United States. Corporate experience at COMPANY Z, COMPANY Y or COMPANY X will enable me gain a deeper insight into the industry and understand what drives consumers to buy premium products. Long-term, I dream of bridging the gap between winemakers and consumers by building an educational platform for social and collaborative consumption. The skills, knowledge and network of industry contacts I would acquire through professional experience at a leading beverage manufacturer will be essential in this future venture. The gateway Fuqua provides to market-leading firms, via its strong alumni network, on-campus recruiting and truly global focus, makes me confident that it is the right MBA program for me.

Furthermore, I am excited by the academic rigor of the MBA program at Duke, which enables specialization in one or two concentrations whilst maintaining a well-rounded management education. Whilst my entrepreneurial endeavors have been self-funded to date, a better grasp of business finance would enable me to more confidently aboard financial accounting and managerial economics. Since my long-term goal is to start my own company, these fundamentals, supplemented with knowledge of venture capital funding through the elective Entrepreneurial Finance and other courses within the Entrepreneurship & Innovation concentration, will help me build a revenue-generating company and understand its intrinsic value in the future. I would further tailor the program to my own goals by enrolling in courses within the Marketing Concentration, in particular leveraging Professor Dan Ariely’s expertise on irrational consumer behavior in the marketplace.

I hope to make a lasting contribution to the Fuqua community through extracurricular activities. Having reached out to CURRENT STUDENT, a current committee member of the Duke MBA ABC Club, I was delighted to learn that the club regularly… I would pursue a leadership position in the club, organizing visits to local businesses and talks from thought leaders in the ABC industry for my peers and myself. This would be a great opportunity for me to give back to the Fuqua community and forge a strong network within the ABC industry. Furthermore, after learning that the current president of the Duke MBA ABC Club successfully secured a summer internship and post-graduation role at COMPANY Y, I believe involvement in the club could help me meet my short-term career goal. Beyond the ABC Club, I would also participate in the Duke MBA Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club to share my own start-up experience within London-based communities such as TechHub and Google Campus. Finally, as a marathon runner and triathlete-in-training, I would participate in the Running and Triathlon Club and I hope to run the Tobacco Road marathon which takes place in Cary, North Carolina each March.

Having evaluated my strengths against the skill-set required to achieve my goals, I believe an MBA is vital at this important stage in my career. My background, passions, goals and experiences position me to influence, and learn from, my peers at Fuqua, and I believe there is no school more fitting for me.

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