CareerLeader Assessment

Are you at an inflection point in your career? Whether you’ve already formed an idea of what path you’d like to take or your looking for inspiration, taking the CareerLeader¬†assessment can help supplement your decision making. Oftentimes job seekers and MBA applicants are able to leverage on their results from CareerLeader when marketing their story to employers and admissions committees.

I offer the CareerLeader assessment, at cost, for $75. You can also sign up for the assessment directly at for $95. If you’re interested in taking CareerLeader, email to get set up. Please download the following files for an in-depth overview of CareerLeader.

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CareerLeader is a career assessment that has been developed using data from over 45,000 business professionals in the past 15 years. It was developed at Harvard Business School and is offered to MBA and EMBA students at all top U.S. business schools and employers like Google, Bain and Novartis. Unlike traditional personality tests (MBTI, 16PF etc.) CareerLeader measures your core interests, skills and motivations, then compares them to successful people in a variety of business careers. It then predicts career paths that you are likely to enjoy and succeed in and describes the elements of organizational culture that will be key to your success and happiness. Finally, it identifies any career Achilles heels that may interfere with your career success.

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